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Date: 18th May 2017

Time: 03:00pm (UTC / GMT) 05:00pm (CEST)

Meeting was attended by: Niels Braczek, Astrid Guenther, Andrei Isac, Yves Hoppes

1) Discussed the Virtualisation project in


1. Discussing the Virtualisation project

a) Build pre installed Joomla images in order to increase tests speed.


The current implementation recreates the Joomla installation on every build. However, the Joomla sources are cached. On database recreation, there would just be a kind of resetting the container (i.e., destroy and re-create). The clean database is in the image, so that should be fast enough.


The Virtualisation project might be missing some precautions in the current state of the implementation, like reusing the images(as they are not tagged.


b) Develop the API for generating the testing environment.


The coordinator has to forward XML files to the DockerComposeGenerator of the Virtualisation repository.

We can define an array of PHP versions. We could do that for PHP, database, web server, Joomla version and then run all possible combinations of those. That approach would require a configuration file, since the coordinator must create the XML files for the combinations.


The main coordinator will receive the created docker-compose file and will be responsible for starting the actual containers of the testing environment from the docker-compose.


c) Finalise the virtualisation repo so that it actually create the testing environment.


We can use 'staging', '3.8-dev', or '4.0-dev' (i.e., any tag or branch name) as the requested Joomla versions. All versions of PHP from 5.4 to 7.1 are already implemented. From the Virtualisation point of view, the task is finished. Testing of the docker-compose generation and of the running environment itself is required.

Next steps:


Next week we will go on with discussing the main coordinator and the execution queue(the remaining two epics).