By Luca Marzo on 2020-02-29 17:49 in Community Magazine Team

The work on the new version of the Joomla Community Magazine is in progress and we had some delays that won't allow us to respect the announced publishing date that was today, February 29, 2020.

Progress & Achievements

  • Several volunteers offered to help and take part to the JCM Team
    • Andrea Gentil
    • Anja de Crom
    • Mark Bender
    • Ahmad Moussa
    • Guillermo Bravo
  • StackIdeas offered to design and develop a dedicated layout for the Joomla Community Magazine. Mark Lee and his team are working hard to get the design/layout ready soon in order to allow the JCM Team to publish the new edition of the magazine soon.
  • The February Edition has been then postponed to March 2020 and will be named "A Year in review", including all the articles/reports from the Teams about their progress and achievements of 2019.
  • Content received so far that will be included in the March 2020 issue:
    • 11 reports from the Teams under Production Department, including Joomla 4 Release Lead and Production Department Coordinator
    • 3 reports from the Teams under Programs Department, including the Programs DC report.
    • 1 report from the Events Team.
    • 2 articles from the Joomla Compliance Team.
    • 2 articles took from the submission bucket that are still current.

Call for Authors

Authors are warmly welcomed and encouraged to submit their original articles to the Joomla Community Magazine. The magazine is the voice of the Community, a place where raise topics and share their findings with the others. Articles can flow in at every moment.
Contents sent after the 20 of each month will be generally included in the edition following the upcoming.

Call for Volunteers 

The Community Magazine needs several Volunteers with a different skillset, to ensure a quality and timely release. Editors, Proofreaders, Authors are the key roles open for volunteers.