By Andrea Gentil on 2020-05-29 13:58 in Community Magazine Team

The meeting started at  14:30 (CEST).

Participants: Anja de Crom, Aris Ntatsis,  Luca Marzo, Patrick Jackson,  Mark Bender,  Sandra Decoux, Ahmad Moussa, Wilco Alsemgeest, Marc Dechèvre, Andrea Gentil.

Apologies: Chris Keen, Hans van der Meer, Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall

Discussion outline

  1. NDA signing: DC has requested that all TL and ATL sign an NDA. It’s also recommended in the case of members with access to sensitive information.
  2. Google Analytics reports: Since Chris is temporarily away for work reasons, Andrea will take this matter up with Luca for the next meeting.
  3. June issue: the team started work on the articles needed and possible authors.
  4. JCM Editorial Plan:  Team started to work on ideas for a 3-4 month editorial plan and a pool of articles.
  5. Home page layout: Luca will work on this.
  6. Newsletter: Andrea will work on adjusting the template for AcyMailing 6, to send the June issue newsletter.
  7. JCM Role description: Patrick and Mark will work on this.
  8. Onboarding document for authors: Patrick and Mark will work on this.

The meeting ended at 15:45 (CEST)