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J!4 architecture 2015/12/02

x  Allon Moritz    Chris Davenport    Daniele Rosario
   Dimitris Grammatikogiannis    George Wilson x  Marco Dings
x  Niels Braczek    Paul Delbar    Robert Deutz
   Davide Tempellini        


Marco Dings

Contacting members provesy difficult. I was unable to contact davide to date, meeting with danielle over the weekend. Paul will keep a low coding profile for the comming months.

Meeting minutes of the athens sprint are still pending pending due to UX part. This is controlled from the UX group

Mediamanager for J3.6 and 4 stalemate resolved, Proposed meeting took place last monday/ Mediamanager implementation will be adressed in december Roompot codesprint.

Niels Braczek

Distribute workload, see how we want to "mentor" 

The test environment gets moved to CodeCeption. The current unit tests will be re-used, where appropriate, as CodeCeption is able to run PHPUnit tests. On CodeCeption's roadmap is support for the Gherkin language, so we will be able to add behavioural tests in a long term. The short term goal with CodeCeption is to provide integration tests, so we can recognise, when we break existing functionality - which we want to keep to the absolute minimum.

The transition to CodeCeption is not as smooth as expected, though. Some tests fail or even error, although they work fine with PHPUnit. The reason for that is currently investigated.

Allon Moritz

Moved the functions like getCache() of JFactory to the Application class. Started to remove FOF 2 from Joomla.


Expressed interrest

Ideas of codewise, followed up by niels

Helping with database structure : Marion Bigger Buchli, Eli Aschkenasy

 Genric: sven hurt, klas,