By Hans van der Meer on 2020-04-02 22:06 in Social Media Team

There has a lot of chat in our SMT channel this last period, especially about asking how everyone is doing in the COVID-19 crisis. Luckily all of our team members are still well and we hope all other Joomlers are safe.

Next to the normal doing our posts on all channels there are some discussions and posts that we don't have every week. Here is a summury:

  • At the time the world lockdowns we created a post for Covid19 reminding Joomlers to stay home and safe
  • Discussed on how we can post and engage on a personal level in making art of/for Joomla. Skipped due to possible TM problems.
  • Posted the not being selected for GSoC this year
  • Hans his Ringcentral issues not seeing attachments in Tasks on the Android app is still active and on the radar of Ringcentral
  • Edited a JDOC image post after receiving a hint the URL in the image doesn't exist (Thanks Mike!)
  • Shared the new President post
  • Shared the Call for Candidate Manifestos VP
  • Promoting JandBeyond on our channels, then sharing the cancellation and after that sharing the JaB Stream edition of it
  • After the problem that JED wasn't reachable we realized we don't have an stock image for unreachable websites and created one for use in the future (hopefully not that often)
  • Shared the new release 3.9.16 post
  • Sharing the postponing of JoomlaDay France to later this year
  • Shared the cancelation of JoomlaDay Austria and after that sharing the online version of it
  • Graphics for all campaigns created in both formats. For events gone online recreation of the promo graphics done. 
  • Asked our followers sharing their "work from home view" with new graphic made for this
  • Created the annual task for World Backup Day
  • Sharing the new Magazine posts and doing the first graphics for it

Take care you all!