By Niels Braczek on 2020-03-04 00:00 in Software Architecture & Strategy Team

  • Status of UX has not been addressed

  • Marianela brought up the idea of putting a form to get insightful data (Type of website: e-commerce, educational website, information website, etc.. experience of the user/admin with joomla: ie: new, amateur, experienced, and last if the user is: free lance web developer, agency, or company). This will help marketing efforts and possibly the future of the product

  • RFC discussion for technical questions and features initially and then see if it can be implemented for productions:

  • Help for Joomla 4 for BETA version. BETA blockers where identified. Llewellyn volunteered to help with the estimates, and Marco will try to find a way to inform the community, Marianela will bring it to marketing to put in a blog post.

  • Team leader: Niels Braczek. Assistant team leader: Llewellyn van der Merwe