By Niels Braczek on 2020-05-28 03:00 in Software Architecture & Strategy Team


Attendees: Marco, Llewellyn, Marianela, Harald, Niels



  1. Llewellyn and Niels are thinking of replacing (some) framework packages with corresponding packages from Laravel (or other Frameworks) in order to reduce the maintenance efford. Harald states, that Laravel is changing too fast to make that possible. Nevertheless, the team decides to investigate the feasibility package-wise.
  2. For the RfC-RfC, we still are waiting for some rephrasing from marketing to make the PfC less frightening. The RfC repository will be moved to a more appropriate place after acceptance.
  3. Harald is leaving the team due to workload in other teams. Thank you for your contributions, Harald!
  4. Marco will provide a session about Docker on Windows at upcoming JAB.
  5. Everybody is asked to test the Workflow feature.