By Private Profile 24342d0d on 2021-09-08 15:26 in Summer 2021 Guided Tour

Tasks Accomplished:


  • Multi-page Functionality: This was the major problem for few days cause there was difficulty getting the index of the ID on the current page.                                                                We needed an Index of the ID to store that ID into the session storage and start the Tour from that index on the new page.                                                   There were some issues getting the ID that solved in this week were, 
                • Tours get a load at a specific URL as the given input from the user so taking the account of the index varies from page to page.
  • Fixed the `modalOverlayEffect` issue since after applying this effect there was difficulty in editing the desired places on the web page.
  • API documentation writing for new users/developers who are new to this feature, so they can know how to implement or build a new Tour using this functionality.
  • Bugfixes and Cleanup:  I cleaned up some rough edges in the code style (the XMLs!!!!), unused files (layout templates), and fixed some correctness issues. At the time of writing, there's more review to be addressed that I'm holding off on until I can get the main development track going again.