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January 2016 was a rebuilding and re-organizing month for the JUX team. We have new team leadership and have added several new team members. A review of all previous work and resources has been completed and we have a new strategy to move forward.
Over the past year, it has become evident that better User Experience is being demanded by our community. The role of the JUX team is more important than ever and the efforts must be ongoing. A main focus while rebuilding is to build a foundation for the JUX team that can sustain the changing needs of our community and contributors for years to come.
We strongly believe that UX is critical to the future of the Joomla platform and the JUX Team does not take this responsibility lightly. We see this challenge as an opportunity to improve our platform and bring our community together in new ways. Since our work is shaped by the community and our users, the JUX will always encourage community involvement and emphasize team work. 
We are working with Marketing Leadership and the J4 Architecture Team to coordinate our current efforts. Our initial focus is implementing research and user feedback systems while developing community resources to be used in an ongoing UX process. This foundation will provide the basis for all of our work and facilitate communication between other working groups and our community.
Initial Goals for the JUX Team
Set up research systems to gather actionable data
  • Before we can begin collecting data we need to build a strategy and platforms for participation.
  • An emphasis is on creating a system to be used as part of an ongoing process that can improved upon as community goals change.
  • When testing environments are ready we will work with the Marketing team to encourage community participation. 
  • The data collected from the community will be used to set the direction of our work and our goals. 
Start developing a Joomla Style Guide & Pattern Library
  • The initial goal of this style guide is to define UI design standards for the backend interfaces of Joomla 4.
  • The Style Guide will be coordinated with the Marketing Team to ensure consistency and cohesiveness set in the Joomla Brand Manual.
  • We will work with the Architecture Team to define applicable development standards and address concerns related to development standards and conventions.
  • Future goals could include consolidation of defined platform standards and conventions into a single community resource.
Start developing wireframes, mockups and visuals of the J4 interface
  • Working directly with Architecture team, we will begin to visualize interface changes for J4 as they relate to the new Architecture.
  • Develop one set of visualizations representing a unified vision for the direction of J4 for use in all relevant teams, presentations and community discussions.
  • Create prototypes to be used in gathering feedback and testing major changes before the implementation of final changes.
Final Thought
The vision and long term goals of the JUX team are vast and they will take time to develop. We feel these initial goals are the best place for us to start and will have the most impact over both the short term and the long term. We are looking forward to a great year and a great future.
Cliff Pfeifer
JUX Team Leader
Feb. 01 2016