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JUX Team Meeting
Thursday February 18, 2016 11:00am MST
Attendance: Cliff Pfeifer, Chris Raymond, David Lingard, Niels Braczek


  • From this point forward, JUX Team meetings will be held weekly Thursday 11:00am MST (-7 UTC)
  • Starting next week members of the JUX Working Group are required to report progress weekly, preferably during our scheduled meeting. If it is not possible to attend a weekly meeting it must be communicated to the team as soon as possible. Providing a written progress report or scheduling an alternate meeting time with team leadership is acceptable.

Agenda & Minutes

Review Progress


  • Initial Personas & Survey Ready for review next week

Style Guide / Pattern Library

  • Outline and ideas by next week

Review Marketing Joomla Brand Manual Draft

  • All UX Materials must adhere to the Joomla Brand Manual
  • Style Guide will be an extension of the Brand Manual
  • Define design standards for backend UI
  • Define design standards and usage for front end default templates and potentially official Joomla sites and online channels

Coordinate With Architecture

  • Content Types / Content Pattern Doc Discussion

Implement Agile type JUX Sprint Cycle

4 week UX Iteration Cycle starting in March

  • Allows for measured progress and publishing of results
  • Utilize contributors in their areas of strength during appropriate times of the cycle
  • Needs to be flexible with release timelines, contributor schedules and community factors

J3.6 & 3.7 Release Teams

  • Coordinate with Chris Davenport
  • Utilize UX sprint cycle for implementation, testing and adjustments for new features, versions and releases

Assign tasks & prepare for an important meeting next week

Next Meeting, February 24th, is final preparation for the 01/03/16 start of the UX Cycle

Chris & Eric
Personas / Research / Survey

Style Guide Outline

Task & Cycle Organization, Benchmarks and Logistics

J4 Architecture Hands On Demo / Pattern Library examples

Coordinate with Chris Davenport on J3.x releases

Coordinate with Chris Raymond on survey and research logistics

Coordinate with Chris Raymond & Niranjan on UX Cycle process and logistics

Coordinate with Niels & Architecture on content patterns and demo logistics

Finish JUX Team guidelines and mission statement

Follow up with previous UX Team Applicants

Develop and launch new call for Speakers at the beginning of March

Coordinate with Marketing & Develop JUX Team Marketing Materials

Inquire into management of Joomla User Experience Portal on the Developer Network
- Content is severely outdated and is not representative of the current JUX goals or marketing strategy. 
- The JUX needs management access privileges to this content.

Final Thoughts:
The JUX Is getting ready to rock and the community will see great things from us very soon.
Stay Tuned :)