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JUX Meeting August 2nd 2016

Our meeting agenda can be found here:

A video recording of the meeting can be found here:

Meeting Recap:

The meeting was 1:15 long, the agenda was more or less covered in the first 40 minutes. The remaining time was a spirited discussion about Joomla UX and Marketing ideas and feelings. A lot of great points were made by Rich, Daniel and myself.

Meeting Notes:

Our meeting this week was a recap of our last meeting and our strategy for August

Points we covered:

  • We are putting our sprint planning on hold until the budgets get sorted
  • We discussed JWC UX sessions and options
  • We have a new github project repository:
    Thanks to George Wilson for setting this up. We have not done anything with it yet as it has just been set up, but we will start using it shortly and it will become a resource for discussions, tasks and work.

August Game plan in a nutshell:

  • Finalize JUX Structure, Process and Strategy
  • Follow up with all JUX Team applicants
  • Set team roles and members for projects
  • Publish 3.5 survey data
  • Follow up with all 3.5 survey volunteers
  • Create & Release 3.6 survey / research
  • Begin testing and contributing to 3.7
  • Begin creating lists of most requested improvements
  • Begin creating lists of resources, ideasand proposals from team members

End of August / September, details regarding budgets and timelines should be more clear. We will re-assess the situation and our strategy as more details come in.

Discussion Recap

I think much of our discussion, which generally related to UX and Marketing topics, express viewpoints that are shared by many in our community. The point I made is this: We all seem to know what the issues are, now it’s up to us to create solutions. Listening to our users and creating new solutions for them is the purpose of our team. The UX team can provide new direction and leadership in many ways within our community. This requires change, and change is not always easy. Not everyone will agree with our thoughts or approach, but we are here to find solutions. We can change the situation for the better through our work.

Our next meeting is in two weeks, exact time is TDB and will be scheduled through a doodle poll in the JUX working group Glip chat room.

Cliff Pfeifer
JUX Team Lead