By Private Profile 6af79b34 on 2017-03-20 23:00 in User Experience Team

People Present:

David Steadson

Britta Stender

Dawn Russell

Task Management Discussion:

We discovered in this meeting that there are two Trello Boards set up and in use. David has access to one and Britta and Dawn the other. One is called JUX_Team and the other is JUX. We need to add David to JUX and then transfer the work from the JUX_Team board and close it down.


It was discussed whether to persevere with Trello or stick with Glip tasks. It was decided once the duplicate board issue is resolved we’ll better be able to evaluate Trello. JUX leadership should all have the ability to add members.

Joomla! 4 JUX Project Charter:

The charter is awaiting further refinement of the research process. Once this is complete defining of tasks and sourcing and allocating team members to the task can proceed. The following areas of investigation have been identified -


  • Media Manager

  • Installation Screens

  • Control Panel Functionality, Layout and Design

  • Article Options (Simple/Advanced)

  • Menu Location and Architecture

  • User Interface using Bootstrap 4

Research process:

David has the research process defined - was completed in London. Biggest question is What informs the research?  Biggest problem, who is using Joomla? Need to interview developers, front-end users, content managers, integrators to find out how they are using Joomla. This will inform decisions about how to proceed.

Report for Media Manager:

The draft report on the Media Manager Survey is ready and awaiting final comments from Cliff and a few minor improvements.


Next Actions

  • Cliff: fix the Trello situation, review the MM survey report

  • David: clarify the research process, finalize MM survey report

  • Britta: working on charter, get sign-off on folder name survey from MM team

  • Dawn: working on charter