By Todd Woodward on 2022-06-20 13:05 in Joomla User Groups Team

Scheduled duration: 1 hour
Participants: Todd Woodward, Abdulkadir Shehu, Laura Gordon, Ahmad Moussa, Davide Messia

Reviewed Goals for 2022

  1. In Progress - Regularly Scheduled (quarterly) JUG Organiser Meetings

  2. In Progress - Develop process for JUG approval

    1. Determine base requirements for the JUG to be approved

    2. Develop an approval checklist

  3. In Progress - Set processes for ticket response.

    1. Develop updated documentation, workflow, and possible video instructions for the processes

  4. In Progress - Standards for JUG logo and correct usage.

  5. Updating JUG documentation

  6. 2023 - set up the ability for JUGs to make certain updates without ticketings.

Items for June 16, 2022

  1. Review of current tasks in process

  1. Develop JUG logo and site branding standards. Joomla Registered Usergroup logo should link back to’s User Group page

    1. Philip Walton will design the logo. He will discuss with Luca Marzo, and OSM will have to review. Laura Gordon: Philip and Claire are working on the logo.

      1. Philip and Laura have designed a logo, needs to be brought before the executive board.

    2. Todd Woodward: Talk to OSM about bringing in JUG Team when correcting a JUG for improper trademark use

    3. Joomla YouTube channel: way for JUGs to get their videos

    4. As of 4/15/2022: Work still in progress.

  2. Processing Trouble Tickets

    1. Ahmad Moussa currently closing tickets - show team how to close tickets

      1. Ahmad has been recording video tutorials for this (W00t!).

    2. Need to create a document, and process video to show/demo steps

      1. July meeting - discuss issues with Joomla JUG logo. Bring in Philip Walton and Claire Mandeville

      2. August Meeting - we will review the checklist for steps to become a JUG.

      3. September meeting - review workflow for JUG review/approval

  3. Current JUG Applications

    1. Both the Joomla User Group Extension Developers and the Southeast Joomla Users Group have been approved by the JUG Team.

  4. JUG Organizer Meetings

    1. Laura sorting when to hold the next JUG Organizer meetings. Tentative for June, but only with buy in from OSM. Now that Joomla 4 is out, it’s time for the grassroots to promote its use. Ask Philip about the JUG logo before confirming the June date.

    2. Todd Woodward should talk to the OSM Executive Board.

  1. Todd Woodward: Poll the team on a new meeting day/time for all to come.

    1. Group was polled. Meetings are now third Thursday of the month at 2PM EDT (6PM UTC)

  2. Claire Mandville contacted Laura

    1. indicated that the Joomla User Group FAQ and Rules for Submission ( are out of date, especially for trademark rules and the brand manual.

    2. FAQ for reference:

Meeting adjourned at: 3:00 PM EDT (1900 UTC)
Next meeting: Thursday July 21, 2022