By Sander Potjer on 2017-12-11 20:42 in Volunteers Portal Team

Date: 11 December 2017 - Time: 16:30 UTC
Participants: Roland Dalmulder, Sander Potjer
Apologies: Kumar Venkatesh, Mihir Chhatre, Yves Hoppe, Zaki Abdullah


Github Issues


We have looked at the status of open issues and selected the ones for the 1.0 milestone ( that we would like to push before the end of the year. The issues with input pending have been moved to a "Future" milestone for when we can continue to work on them.

The main feature for 1.1 milestone will be the "Skill & interest" feature to help matching volunteers with the open positions of teams.

Github issues stats:

  • 9 issues opened since last meeting
  • 4 issues have been closed since last meeting
  • 11 open issues

Moderation updates

The profile report button is now visible for all visitors, also for those not logged in. For the moderation a new button has been added in the backend to reset the report counter, once the reports have reviewed.

The reported profiles (about 5 past month) have been reviewed and currently no profiles are reported.

Note: after the meeting we discovered that the public report button didn't not saved the reports succesfully, this has been fixed now. So if you reported a profile in the past that and no action has been taken yet: please report again.

OSM Board requests

How could the Volunteers Portal Team help to achieve the projects goal?

The OSM board requested to discuss how the Volunteers Portal Team can help to fulfil the Joomla mission of "empowering website creators". We have discussed this and as the Volunteers Portal is mainly a backoffice we see our contribution in this goal to support other teams that are helping to empower website creators in any form by providing the tools needed to communicate effectively, providing a clear structure and roles overview and to run a successful team via the Volunteers Portal.

We also agreed to start reaching out more often to teams to find out if any new tools are needed or should be improved. Teams can already provide feedback by raising issues on Github, but that doesn’t happen that often.

Another way of empowering website creators is to make sure that we help website creators that are willing to contribute back to the Joomla project can easily find the right team/task to contribute.

To improve this we are already planning to add the "Skills & interest" feature to the Volunteers Portal. Once this is done we can also start working on a "Wizard"-style of guiding people to the areas where help is welcome that matches with the interests & skills of the website creator.

Can the Volunteers Portal Team define Key Performance Indicators?

The OSM board requested to discuss the possibility of defining Key Performance Indicators (KPI). We discussed this and we will start (and started already in this report) to provide some stats about the open/pending/closed issues for each month and the average response time. While this does not always provide the best insights as some issues are much bigger than others, in will provide some insights if the team is performing as expected. If many issues are reported, without any response and no issues are closed at all, it is clearly a sign of lack of progress.


No specific remarks about the team communication. Sander will reach out to those that didn’t attend the meeting without prior notice.

Next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for January 8th, 2018 - 16:30 UTC.