By Sander Potjer on 2018-02-12 21:00 in Volunteers Portal Team

Date: 12 February 2018 - Time: 16:30 UTC
Participants: Sander Potjer
Apologies: Roland Dalmulder, Zaki Abdullah, Kumar Venkatesh, Mihir Chhatre, Yves Hoppe, Embarek Karim


Github Issues

Status of issues

  • GDPR required changes to the Volunteers Portal in progress ( 
  • New homepage proposal by Michael (    
  • Dummy database for local development is updated
  • Joomlers can now add StackOverflow and Joomla@StackExchange links, thanks Niels & Tobias ( 
  • Governance page with Advisory Board & Ombudsman added ( 
  • Display active volunteers only as default (


  • 5 issues opened since last meeting
  • 6 issues have been closed since last meeting
  • 6 open issues (2 waiting for input)

Moderator updates

Currently no reported profiles, all reported processed

In case of Joomler passing away: discussed with OSM Secretary: we leave profiles there as kind of acknowledgement. With upcoming GDPR changes profiles will be cleaned automatically after a while without renewed consent.


Joomler interview was not published in JCM. After some research this was caused because it was not provided via the website but by email.

Next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for March 12th, 2018 - 16:30 UTC