By Marco Dings on 2020-05-05 23:59 in Production

Production Dept. Meeting AGENDA
1900 CEST, 1700 UTC+1  Event time TZ



Scheduled duration: 45min
Duration: 105min
Participants: Benjamin Trenkle (Team Leader), Carlos Cámara (Team Leader), David Jardin (Team Leader), Hannes Papenberg (Team Leader), Harald Leithner (Release Lead 3.9), Ilagnayeru Manickam (Team Leader), Marco Dings (Department Coordinator), Mike Brandner (Team Leader), Nicola Galgano (Team Leader), Philip Walton (Team Leader), Robert Deutz (Team Leader), Tobias Zulauf (Release Lead 3.10)
Absent with notice: Niels Braczek (Team Leader)
Absent without notice: Puneet Kala (Team Leader), George Wilson (Release Lead 4.0),

Agenda Items & minutes

Department Coordinator (Marco Dings)

Talk Topics:

  1. Meeting time remains as is. There was some confusion over the purpose of the “blocked times” sheet. That sheet is intended to facilitate planning discussion outside of the regular meetings.

  2. Response to doodles and motions is poor. For motions several votes came in after the response before date. Doodles are as good as ignored. Please contribute and respond quickly, either by abstaining for a motion or marking yourself as unavailable for a doodle

  1. Tasks are a - to be added - to GLIP. We start many things/discussions and have difficulties finishing them. By adding all relevant information to a task, link to docs etc the task will be easier to track

  2. Department google drive is being reorganised so we have a “home” for all production documents

  3. Please file “Team documents” under the relevant team folder. To many documents and are lost over time, are difficult to locate or are owned by non project owners

  4. For ongoing generic discussions that are not necessary linked to a team please use the folder for “bespoke projects”

  5. All TL to provide lists of email addresses to be used in google groups for contacting and access control. Please emphasise the usage of CJO addresses. Using the group policies team members would have easier access to the respective team folders

  6. Please start considering your teams budget, as the budgeting process is to kick off

  7. Start inventory about production assets, and access and privileges to them. This would include, but is not limited to github, crowdin, servers, cpanel.
    Persons with privileges to production assets should have those as part of a team that is accountable in the PD. Upon leaving teams privileges should be revoked

  8. Production presence at JAB2020

  9. Discussion on release strategy going forward, there are 4 initial documents there that need refining over the next weeks. Hannes and Benjamin will talk you through the broad strokes.

Updates/Proposed Topics:

  1. Motions PROD2020/023, PROD2020/025, PROD2020/026 Passed.
    Need discussion on PROD2020/024, insufficient votes
    See section at the end for more details

Joomla! Enhancement Development Team (Benjamin Trenkle)

Talk Topics:

  1. => needs tests and feedback

Joomla Accessibility Team (Carlos Cámara Mora)

Talk Topics:

  1. Last year the group was not very active due to personal situation of most active members. The idle situation starts around the end of Q1

  2. In these months since I’ve been leader, I have  tried to reactivate the group and update membership status according to the members involvement.

  3. We have started some discussions about current issues in J4 template. Some of the issues are there since Joomla 3 (too complex filters for instance) and we have provided advice at some issues.

  4. Accessibility repo:

Updates/Proposed Topics:

  1. [MDi] The team has been cleaned and at the moment of writing it only has 7 “member” level

Automated Testing Team (Hannes Papenberg)

Updates/Proposed Topics:

  1. Added tests for OutputFilter class

  2. Fixed tests in media manager

  3. PHP 7.4 is now required to pass for the unit and integration tests

  4. Tested codebase is also PHP8 compliant:

Core Translation Team (Ilagnayeru (MIG) Manickam)

Talk Topics:

  1. Language packs for Joomla! 3.9.18 are being released

Updates/Proposed Topics:

  1. [NGa] Concerns about italian language

  2. [MDi] have discussion between Mig and Marco in team organisation and responsibilities

Documentation Team (Mike Brandner)

Talk Topics:

  1. GSoD - I need a second administrator before May 10th

Updates/Proposed Topics:

  1. GSoD submitted (decision by google may 11th) - review application at google is ongoing
    Mentors: Benjamin Trenkle, Tobias Zulauf, Christiane Meier-Stadtherr

  2. Cleaning up the JDocs is ongoing

Bug Squad (Nicola Galgano)

Talk Topics:

  1. Bugs and Fun @Home. Request more participation from PD.

Updates/Proposed Topics:

  1. Forgive me but cause of huge workload i cannot followed more about the new BUG Tracking process blame me please postpone on the next meeting

CMS Release Team (Philip Walton)

Updates/Proposed Topics:

  1. Fallout from the 3.9.17/18 issue was actually good in terms of getting people to test and join the group.

  2. Docs for testing group was set up, has met and is working on various documentations

  3. Tobias and I discussed ways to get the complexity of test added to the github and progress is being made

  4. Benjamin presented Workflows in BH@H on Saturday and we have several testing that

  5. Need more from production to help push down on the last few Beta Blockers

Google Summer of Code Joomla Team (Puneet Kala)

Talk Topics:

  1. [MDi] With Puneet resigning as TL, Transition pending

  2. [MDi] Documents need to be consolidated on production part of Google Drive

  3. [MDi] Since was not elected for GSOC no significant activities are expected until november/december time frame

Finalized Motions


Policy for Full Path Disclosure (FPD)

FPD triggered by errors/warnings/notices/deprecations within the CMS context aren't covered by the security policy, because they can be suppressed by disabling the error reporting the CMS config, which clearly is within the users sphere of influence. FPDs outside of the CMS context (i.e. files that are directly accessible because they lack a JEXEC-Check, or files triggering compile time errors) will still be covered by the policy and fixed in security releases.



There shall be no indiscriminate closing of Issues or Pull Requests

Closing of Issues and Pull requests PR's shall NOT be done without underlying rationale and individual reasoning in the Issue or PR. Elapsing of a time period, inactivity of the submitter are examples that do NOT constitute valid reasons in and by themselves.



Minimum requirements for PHP and Databases in Joomla!4 (per 20/04/23)

PHP: 7.2.5

MySQL: 5.6

PostgreSQL: 11.0



Minimum requirements for Webservers in Joomla!4 (per 20/04/23)

Apache: 2.4

Nginx: 1.10

IIS: 8