Rick Spaan


I'm a webdesigner from the Netherlands and of course a Joomla Junkie!

Team Position Role Date Started
Bug Squad Member Oct 2021
Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Educational Outreach Contributor Apr 2019 May 2020
Certification Exam Team Member Oct 2016 Oct 2017
Certification Team Member Oct 2016 Nov 2017
Automated Testing Team Member Sep 2015 Nov 2016

As I was starting my own webdesign company, I was searching for a platform to develop good quality websites. When I came across Joomla I immediately fell in love with the system. It was flexible, easy to extend and so gave me all the tools I needed. In the last few years I've build over a 100 Joomla websites. As I gradually leaned more and more about the Joomla! system, I felt it was time to start contributing. I began to do some bug testing and did a couple of pull requests to the Joomla core. Hopefully in the next few years I can expand my contribution to the Joomla! system as an active member.

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