By Private Profile 1ace2a3f on 2016-03-01 14:46 in Capital Team

Members in attendance: Joe, Mike D, Brian Peat

Note taker: Brian P.

  1. Just to give a quick update on the shop : will be launched in the second week of March, we had a set back with the shipper who was first contracted , seems their API doesn't allow small packages , so had to do manual overwrites on it , will be ready in approx 1-2 weeks (Mike V)

  2. Video RFP, opensource training is going to to Joomla training. free with profit sharing. MikeDemo and Sarah met with Steve at Joomla Day Flordia to review draft contract.

  3. Mike D drafting a letter to all property site managers to require Rochen logo in footer and set up position for the new banner system. Sarah W. will send.

  4. Creative fundraising: Securi text link forum issues, no decision made there yet. Google may be dead also. (Mike D)

  5. Hostingcon decision is in flux because it might tick off our current hosting partners. Suggestion is to create some lower level tiers for hosting companies to easily sponsor. Tessa (PLT) and MikeDemo did apply to speak. Will follow up on this issue.(Mike D)

  6. Joe mentioned there was talk of making a hosting directory similar to the resource directory. That project never got off the ground.


To Dos:


  1. Finish letter draft and send to Sarah W.