By Private Profile 1ace2a3f on 2016-06-29 00:00 in Capital Team

1) Joe gave an update on the new Ad server he is working on. He has been working on getting it online across J sites.

2) We discussed the application for a new member to join the capital team. Decided to offer provisional contributor role. If they accept would get trained in by Joe to Help for ad server initially.

3) We also discussed the multiple lost opportunities to generate the project a significant amount of revenue over the past year. The capital team has worked in good faith with multiple potential partners with written intent to support the project financially. The capital team then has been working with the affected teams and OSM to get project support before accepting funds.

Due to the ROI needs of potential sponsors, we build relationships and sponsorship ideas based on these (sometimes multi-year) discussions. That is why many of these ideas and pilot programs are new after we get potential intent from a sponsor.

However due to lack of support from a few key community members, we cannot execute these contracts and capture the funds for the project. Due to not having new leadership in place, proposals are being lost and sometimes relations with a sponsor lost as well.

OSM understandably does not want to act unilaterally in this area but proposes the Capital Team awaits the coming leadership elections so they can act on a broad mandate from the newly selected leadership.  It is therefore why the capital team today informed the transition team that we are suspending new “substantial revenue“ efforts until the new leadership team is in place. Once the new leadership team is in place, we intend to discuss the role and future of the team. One idea is to merge with the finance team if the project prefers primary donation sponsorship vs. custom solutions on a sponsor by sponsor basis.

To be clear the capital team is still doing business as usual and honoring, supporting our current sponsors. We are going to HostingCon Global to make inroads to new potential sponsors late July.

It just doesn't not make sense to spend the time or effort until we have a clear directive from the new leadership team.