By Luca Marzo on 2017-04-25 13:08 in Certification Team

The Joomla! Certification Steering Group meets every Tuesday at 1:00 PM GMT. This meeting was held on April 25, 2017 on Glip.


Team members

In attendance: Stefanie Thielman, Luca Marzo, Sam Suresh, Richard van Tilborg, Oscar Ortiz, Andrea Gentil, Chris Keen.

Absents: Michael Snoeren (only listened), Claudia Weber-Lenck, Patrick Jungbluth.

Discussion Outline

  • Operation Team reported

    • Work on the Workflow Extension has been on-hold during last week.

    • Team involved new volunteers for this extension.

  • Marketing Team reported

    • Ankit Agarwal will join CMT as a contributor. He can do work as a link between COT and CMT.

    • CMT will look into our "onboard process" again to have a good starting point for new volunteers.

  • Platform Team reported

    • New team members to join this week. Sam will send the NDA this week.

    • Michael will start to work on the component during this week. This is very important milestone.

    • Sam is issuing badges for 3 NL candidates.

    • Team discussed about exam maintenance system and progress. CPT would take it over if the development is not started and would use com_content. Would like to know the future of this extension.

    • All future correction must be made using re-grading method and no manual badges will be issued.

  • Exam Team reported

    • Joomla 3.7 process and timing - Recruitment - new members (selection criteria and checklist)

    • The structure of the exam team

Priority actions are:

    • Volunteer rules for new Exam Team members

    • Update Q & A's and prepare for the next exam on 2 May 2017

    • Development of Maintenance system: ask for support from the Platform Team

  • Steering Team decided to change the way new volunteer applications are managed to involve them as early as possible. This will be a part of the weekly meeting agenda for steering team.

  • Steering Team discussed about the rule that obliges all JLPs to ask for a session 30 days in advance.

  • The election process for the new Team Leader for JCP is running. Results to be announced next week.


Meeting ends after 67 minutes.

Communication to all Joomla! Learning Partners

Due to current circumstances, please keep in mind to submit exam sessions 30 days in advance, before the exam takes place. Otherwise we cannot guarantee to have the session accepted.