By Luca Marzo on 2017-08-29 14:20 in Certification Team

The Context and the Regional Coordinators

The Joomla! Certification Program tried to build a reliable network of partners with Local Communities and Companies in many countries. We created a strong relationship with many Joomla! User Groups, JoomlaDay organizers and with our Joomla! Learning Partners, to spread the Joomla! Certification Program worldwide.

In addition to our partners we tried to create a network of “Agents” in different countries, the so called Regional Coordinators, whose aim should be to provide support to the local community of JUGs and JLPs to better deploy and operate the Certification Program in each of the involved countries.

Certification Ambassadors

The “Regional” setting sometimes has been intended as a limit for our proud collaborators and contributors, so, today we’re happy to announce the new Joomla! Certification Ambassador role.

The Certification Ambassador is one who want to contribute to the Certification Program spreading the voice and helping people to find useful information about it, providing basic support to the exam session organizers and also supervising exam sessions wherever possible.

The aim of this initiative is to remove the “regional” limitation and allow our Ambassadors to help the Program wherever they are, for example when they are in events outside their country.

Obviously, the Certification Ambassador will have a close relationship with the Certification Program Teams to be up to date with all the useful information.


  • Being “facilitator” between the JCP Team and the partner network

  • Act as Exam Supervisor when needed

  • Spread the voice/news about the Joomla! Certification Program

  • Report to the JCP Team eventual issues/frictions/concerns given from partners to improve the Program.


  • Be a Joomla! Exam Certified user

  • Willing to contribute at least 5 hours per month for support, survey and others where required

Who can be Certification Ambassador?

We will get in touch with all the first certified people in one Country to invite them become a Certification Ambassador. All the previous involved Regional Coordinators will be approached to “convert” their role in Ambassadors.

Together we can create a successful Certification Program all over the World.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach us at