By Luca Marzo on 2017-12-05 13:42 in Certification Team

The Joomla! Certification Steering Group meets every Tuesday at 1:15 PM GMT. This meeting was held on December 05, 2017 on Glip.

Team members

In attendance: Chris Keen, Luca Marzo, Andrea Gentil, Claudia Weber-Lenck.

Discussion Outline

  • Chris welcomed the new Certification Steering Group, after the merge of subteams.

  • The group approved the new version of the contract for JUG/JoomlaDay. This contract will be submitted to the Board of Open Source Matters for review/approval.

  • Translators will be enrolled as contributors, Language Coordinator will be enrolled as member of CETT.

  • Team decided to move meeting time at 11.30 AM CET.

Sub-teams reports

Certification Operations & Marketing Team (COMT)

  • COMT has been created after the merge of COT (Certification Operations Team) and CMT (Certification Marketing Team) last week.

  • Working on the "Did you know Cards" to be shared with the Joomla! Marketing Team

  • Nicky and Andrea are working on the JUG/JoomlaDay/Event application workflow, amending the current process.

  • Team is working on the new plan for the Certification website.

  • Richard and Marc are working on a pilot project with JUGs to improve our partnership model.

  • JUG Contracts (amended) needs Steering approval to be submitted to the OSM Board.

  • Team is working on some smaller tasks.

  • Volunteers Portal has been updated with the new structure of the subteam. COT and CMT have been archived.

  • Andrea and Rowan are working on the JLP Directory. JLP data already uploaded. Some tweaks in the styles are needed.

Certification Exam & Platform Team (CEPT)

  • New Exam and Platform team established

  • QMS - ACL is finished for the 7 languages - only frontend editing for reviewer and translators possible

  • Create Form for Supervisor to be able to add screenshots and comments about the exam questions from candidates

  • Goal is to finish QMS end of this week

  • Translation process - Subteam for translation with a team leader for each language and at least two team members (translators) - Team leader coordinates the translators and work together with the exam team - Start translations official after finishing QMS, need to be complete end Q1 2018.

  • Team documents / documentation - Introduction of the new drive

  • Talked about new team members - Chris will talk with Nicki Veitch and Laura Gordon about their involvement.

  • Updated the Volunteers Portal, adding CETT (Certification Exam Translation Team) with 3 roles: Liaison (CEPT Member), Language Coordinator and Language Translator. The get involved section has been filled.


Meeting ends after 40 minutes.