By Philip Walton on 2019-03-23 10:45 in CMS Release Team


20th March 2019 6 pm UTC

In attendance:
Hervé Boinnard, George Wilson, Leo Lammerink, Yves Hoppe, Sandra Decoux, Harald Leithner, Phil Walton

Unable to make it:
Marc Widmann

Discussion outline

With Joomla 4 on the horizon and a new Production lead in place its a good time to check what we are doing and see what can be improved.

Items outlined to discuss

  1. Routine. We need a more rigid meeting regime. 
  2. Knowing if there are problem patches. 
  3. Ideas from the team to improve what we do.
  4. List of members of the team
  5. Recruitment ideas
  6. Election of a team leader.


Point 1 

All those attending the meeting discussed the way we would like to bring more routine into the testing.
Ideally, we would start the next testing round a week before the release date. We would report back after 3 days to give the release lead any concerns then we test again with any security releases giving a final report back before the release is finally packaged. The release lead will take into consideration the report of any problems found before making the final decision.

Point 2

Harald Leithner agreed to outline any patches that he feels needs more attention. Phil Walton agreed to liaise on each release to get a list and make that known to the team.

Point 3

We talked around several ideas and it was decided a testing list would help. A checklist of items tested to mark against so we know what has and has not been done. Phil Walton to arrange this for the next release.

Point 4

We agreed to drop those that have not appeared in the team regularly and Phil Walton is to clean out the volunteer list and sort out the ring central list.

Point 5 

Several recruiting ideas were talked through. Leo Lammerink stressed that people need to be trusted and well known to join the group as security patches are reviewed. All agreed that there needs to be a process and that perhaps the Bug Squad could be a recruiting ground with people learning in the bug squad and then if those in the CMS release team were in agreement then an individual join the CMS release team from the bug squad.

Point 6

Phil Walton said he was willing to stand for another year but if there were any other interested he was happy to stand down and allow elections. The group was happy for him to stay for another year.

Meeting finished at 7 pm