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J!4 User Experience 2015/12/01

Core x  Marco Dings x  Cliff pfeifer x  David Lingard 
   Soren Beck Jensen     Peter Bui    Jason Garcia
   Ty Fairclough        
J!4 Architecture    Paul Delbar    Daniele Rosario    George Wilson
  x  Marco Dings        
PLT Liason    Jessica Dunbar        


J!4 UX group 

The weigth of the work in this group seems to have been carried by a limited number of individuals.Motion is to restrict access to to persons actively contributing. A number of members are irresponsive and its motioned to remove them from the group. 
Motinon carries.

UX Professional

We need people on board that are full time involved in UX. Remaining group members are to reach out.


  • Expamding group. with full time professional UX peaple  ( Getting new UX professionals ) Cliff / Marco
  • Handover from Crystal and Lucas ( David / Marco )
  • Finalise minutest athens ( David / Marco )
  • Research / Persona's ( tbd )
  • Backend UX / page builder ( tbd )


Honor role start finish
Crystal Harris Jul-15 Oct-15
Lucas Brauer Sep-15 Nov-15
joshua kruszynski Sep-15 Nov-15