By Jennifer Gress on 2015-08-04 22:28 in Joomla User Groups Team

In attendance:

Jenn Gress
Ruth Cheesley
Alejandro Pascoli
Bruce Valle
Helvecio da Silva

JUG Directory Migration Update:

Updated group as to where the JUG Directory is at. Need to test functionality. Need meetup API/ID to test and twitter. All in progress.

Will address a couple of potential new members this week [jenn].

Got up to date on what was happening with pending listings. Most are waiting on the JUGs to respond. Getting on top of these. Alejandro and Bruce to work with a new one together as training for Bruce.

Talked about who was going to be attending JWC and see about getting some support from the JUG team at the event to help set up more JUGs in India. Alejandro will be attending. Ruth probably. Bruce would like to go. Jenn and Ruth to discuss budget to see if some team members can attend week of 3 August 2015.

Talked about JAB 2016 and potentially having a "make it happen' session there and having something interactive for it. Beginning stages of seeing if we can have a team there. Alejandro would prepare something in Spanish since it will be in Spain.

Decided to table getting a newsletter going until the new directory is in place so that the management is easier for it.

Son is watching the training videos to get back up to speed.

We reviewed the proposed revised TOS for the JUGs and Ruth will submit to the CLT for approval. Jenn & Helvecio to review the proposed revised FAQs and get those done so that we can post clearer FAQs and then have them translated into multiple languages.

Next meeting date 18 August 2015.