By Jennifer Gress on 2016-06-07 00:00 in Joomla User Groups Team

In attendance:

Djamel Kherbi
Ruth Cheesely
Jenn Gress
Duke Speer
Shirat Goldstein
Sarabh Shah


Bruce Valle
Rowan Hoskyns-Abrahall
Thomas Kahl
Eric Lamy

No Show:

Brian Ronnow
Alejandro Pascoli
Helvecio da Silva

The new JUG Directory is almost done. Looking to go live next weekend (fingers crossed). We need to revise the FAQs/Rules for Submission before going live so people have something to follow that is accurate.

Need to sort out a training for JUG Team members to use the new system and helpdesk too.

Discussed member activity or inactivity rather. Revised the Communications portion of JUG Member responsibilities and expectations in the Get Involved tab here on VJO. Djamel to send email to JUG Team so that they can step up or free themselves. We have a time sensitive job to do so we need active people. :)