By Luca Marzo on 2019-06-09 16:14 in Certification Team

This sprint of the Joomla Certification Team has been held on June 08-09, 2019 at CitizenM Schiphol, Amsterdam (The Netherlands).


In attendance: Chris Keen, Wilco Alsemgeest, Andrea Gentil, Luca Marzo, Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall, Marco Dings and Jeroen Moolenschot.

Updates & Achievements

  • The Team started the sprint introducing the current situation of the Program and analyzing the pain points.

  • The team went through the Agenda prepared for the sprint and assigned the various tasks.

  • Andrea and Luca worked on the Certification Ambassador program. The scope of the initiative has been enlarged to include the Trusted Supervisors.

  • Ambassadors/Trusted Supervisors are now also entitled to supervise exams outside of their local area, making their “eligibility” global. Any exam organizer can involve an Ambassador to supervise his/her exam session, by financially supporting his/her attendance of the session.

  • The Ambassadors list in the Volunteers Portal now includes all trusted supervisors and will be kept up to date as reference.

  • Further information about Certification & Trusted Supervisors can be found at

  • The team discussed rules surrounding Second and Third attempts for exams. The rule approved back in February 2018 is still valid and applicable:

    • A personal coupon code will be issued upon request and will be valid for 1 year after the date of the 1st examination and for the same exam type (e.g. J3 Admin Exam).

    • Discount is 50% off for scores between 70 and 79 - on first attempt, 30% off for scores < 70 - on first attempt.

    • Third attempt discount will be 30% for all results on second attempt.

  • JUG and JoomlaDay Exam Rules have been streamlined and the guide will be published shortly in the Welcome Pack on the website.

  • Andrea to get in touch with the organizer of JoomlaDay Bulgaria to propose an exam session there.

  • Marco shared the progress done on the custom component to manage the exam questions. The brand new Question Management System will be installed in the Certification website to manage all the questions and exam versions and will simplify the exam management.

  • The team agreed to update prices of the exam, according to the Big Mac Index once per year, before the end of the fiscal year. So the next update is due June 30, 2019.

  • The team reviewed the strategy for Exam Providers. A new standardized agreement has been prepared and approved by the Board of Open Source Matters, Inc. and will be used for all types of Exam Providers (Joomla Learning Partners, Joomla Users Groups, JoomlaDays).

  • The new Exam Provider agreement has already been loaded into EchoSign and will be used for all new partners.

  • The “Did you know” marketing campaign on Social Media is ongoing. Andrea is liaising with the Joomla Marketing Team and the posts are being published on all the official social media channels.

  • The team analyzed Exam Sales with regards to VATMOSS and the US Sales Tax Nexus to ensure they are compliant with the regulations surrounding these.

  • Andrea, Luca and Rowan worked on the implementation of DPCalendar to manage the Exam Calendar and the JLP Directory. Rowan and Jeroen worked on a few overrides to meet the requirements.

  • Andrea and Luca migrated all the Joomla Learning Partners to the new directory.

  • Andrea to continue the migration work on all the past exam entries.

  • Luca, Wilco, Andrea and Jeroen analyzed the main menu of the Certification website and rearranged some menu items in order to improve the navigation.

  • Marco continued the improvement of the new Question Management System.

  • Wilco, Jeroen, Marco and Chris implemented Shika on a clone of the Certification website in order to test the status and analyze the pain points that need to be addressed to proceed with the migration.

  • Rowan worked on the overrides of DPCalendar for the JLP Directory.

  • The new Joomla Learning Partners Directory is available at

  • DPCalendar links exam session to their organizer simply and effectively.

  • Rowan, Andrea and Luca worked on a brand new Exam Calendar, using DPCalendar:

  • The new calendar will show exams using different colors depending on the organizer type: Blue for JUGs, Orange for JLPs, Green for JoomlaDays.

  • The Calendar also includes a brand new page for every Exam session with: a more visible coupon code, clearer information on how to book an exam seat with 2 CTAs and a more ordered layout for maps and location information.

  • Andrea and Luca also worked to increase the visibility of upcoming exam sessions, publishing a module with the 5 upcoming exam sessions. Also here the color will characterize the type of organizer of the exam (blue, orange, green).

  • Wilco published the presentation for Exam Supervisors. The kit is available in the Supervisor dashboard on the Certification website and is published also on GitHub:

  • Wilco and Luca cleaned and tidied up the team, permissions and repository on GitHub. A couple of new private repositories have been prepared to host the ad hoc extensions created for the Certification Program and to keep the versioning of the Certification website.

  • Chris, Wilco, Jeroen and Marco extensively tested Shika in the testing environment.

  • The team discussed the strategy for the Joomla 4 Developer Exam and Joomla Editor Exam.

  • Joomla! 4 Administrator Exam will be offered with pricing inline with the current Joomla 3.x Administrator Exam.

  • Joomla User Groups providing Certification are now listed in a proper directory:

  • The Welcome Pack on the website will be unified and will be suitable for all types of Exam Providers.

  • J2Store will be used to manage exam seat transactions in combination with Shika, as it is now.

  • Login form has been added to the Certification website also to allow User registrations.

  • Wilco and Jeroen created an export for examdata from Moodle & Exam website to move the users and exam results to the certification website, where the new exam system will be implemented.

  • Marco created a bespoke component for managing language strings as defined by Wilco back in JD19FR, it was shown. Feature creep happened and we are now integrating directly into Shika LMS to be less error prone and need to work on importing existing language stringes. Project is ongoing.

  • Jeroen worked on the requirement definition for the new Certified Users Directory and the migration path from the current directory.

  • FAQs on the website will be shortly improved. Review process has started already.

  • Andrea is going to work on creating more promotional material, involving active Exam Providers, to share their experience with the Program.

Updates to Rules

  • Joomla Learning Partners are no longer obliged to provide computers to candidates. Exam will be available also in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) mode, as for JUGs and JoomlaDays.

  • Joomla Learning Partners will not have to buy exam seats on behalf of candidates anymore.

  • Rules and Requirements on the Joomla Certification website have been updated and are applicable to all the types of Exam Providers.

  • Chris has written a proposal for the certification exam(s) pricing policy and process. When this has been approved it will be published on the JCP website.
    One change is a standard price for all countries of the Euro Zone for of the Joomla 3.x Certification Exam. New prices will be effective from July 01, 2019 and valid for one year.

Updates to Processes

  • Candidates can also buy their exam seat directly by themselves when attending an exam session at a Joomla Learning Partner.

  • Joomla Learning Partners will receive a coupon code once they request an exam session and they can distribute the coupon code in order to allow candidates to buy their exam seats.

  • Coupon codes will also be clearly marked in the exam listing in the directory with the aim of making things much easier for those booking seats.


Sprint ended at 18.30 of June 09, 2019.